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(Status 01.06.2019)

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about DL Remote. You can email with ideas, feedback, or questions about any topics that aren’t covered here. We love to hear from you.

What does DL Remote do?

We’re a job marketplace that connects tech talents who are interested in long-term remote jobs with companies that are looking to hire them for long-term remote jobs. We introduce selected companies to selected software engineers, data scientists, designers, product managers and growth experts from the community.

How does DL Remote work for talents/ job candidates?

As a talent/ job candidate you can signup for free to and create a profile including your key preferences for your next job. Before becoming visible to potential employers, we will check your CV and have an interview with you to finetune your profile/ job preferences and activate your profile. Employers can then request an interview with you. You accept the interviews for the positions which interest you, talk to those companies, and choose the role that's closest to your ideal.

DL Remote is completely free of charge for talents/ job candidates.

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How does DL Remote work for employers?

As an employer you can signup for free to DL Remote. Before you are able to approach job candidates on, your individual Customer Success Manager will have a short call with you to agree on the process and activate your profile. Based on this your customer success manager will propose active talent profiles which fit to your recruiting demand. You can request an interview with those you are interested in. If the talent accepts the interview, you can interview him via your regular hiring process and decide if you want to hire him.

The usage of to find and interview job candidates is free of charge for an employer, if he/she does not not find proper candidates for his/her open positions. If an employer signs a job contract with a candidate on, he/she has to pay a commission based on the salary of the talent.

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What does long-term remote mean?

We define all remote work engagements > 12 months as “long-term remote”. “Remote” means in this context a minimum of 50% remote work with 2-3 days onsite up to 90% remote work engagement with monthly or quarterly meetings only.

Talents can individually decide on their “remote %” preferences, i.e. if they are interested in 50% remote jobs or if they only want to work in >90% remote roles.

Employers are only allowed to offer jobs which are >50% remote and have either a permanent contract or a contract duration > 12 months.

Which contract types are offered on DL Remote?

Employers on can offer permanent as well as freelance contracts with a duration >12 months.

Which skills and abilities are required to sign-up as a talent?

Remote work is not for everybody. Above all, you should have the skills to perform successfully in your job role. A solid stack of technical skills is especially important for remote roles, because you often have to act more self-directed than in comparable onsite roles.

Furthermore successful remote workers need to be self-motivated, accountable and proactive to get things done. Communication skills are very important, as distributed teams require more and better written communication to ensure transparency and productive collaboration.

In our onboarding interview we will discuss your technical experience and remote work skills to finetune your profile and find the best possible remote jobs for you.


Will my current employer be able to see my profile if they are a DL Remote customer?

No. All candidates have the option to define specific companies that should not see their profile. Identification of these companies requires the talent to specify the respective URL(s) correctly.

I have completed my registration at, what´s next?

After you complete your profile, submit it for review. Your Talent Rep screens your profile to make sure we have jobs and companies which fit your skillset. He/She will email you shortly after to let you know when you have been accepted to an onboarding interview to finalize your profile.

For the onboarding interview you will be invited to a dedicated Slack channel and a Zoom interview. The whole interview will take approximately 30 minutes.

When do I become visible to companies on

After you have completed your onboarding interview with your Talent Rep, he/she will finetune your profile and propose a draft version which you can review. Based on this, you decide if your profile should be activated / visible for potential employers.

How do I contact my Talent Rep?

When you are accepted onto the platform your Talent Rep will email you directly. You can use that email to contact them whenever you need help or advice. If you have lost your Talent Rep’s email you can contact them at


How are talents skills verified on

Each talent submits a profile which is screened by our Talent Reps. We do a first assessment of their technical experience and invite selected talents to an onboarding interview. Within this interview we pre-assess their technical experience and remote work skills in a unique framework, based on insights from leading remote-first tech companies. The key results of this interview are documented in the talent profile and visible for employers. If talents do not have sufficient experience or skills they are not accepted onto the platform.

What is the cost of using DL Remote?

The usage of to find and interview job candidates is free of charge for an employer if he does not not find proper candidates for his open positions. If an employer signs a job contract with a candidate on he has to pay a 10% commission based on the yearly salary of the talent. In case of cancellation of the work contract within the first month of work, the employer will get a full refund of the commission.

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Why DL Remote?

We match employers with pre-screened tech talents who are actively looking for new long-term remote roles. You select, if you prefer to hire for 50% remote work engagements with 2-3 days onsite or a 90% remote work engagement with monthly or quarterly meetings. You decide, if you want to offer long-term contracts or permanent positions.

The key benefit of offering long-term remote positions is “sustainable” access to top tech talents, who would not be willing to relocate otherwise. Furthermore remote engagements reduce overhead costs, talent attrition and increase employee satisfaction and productivity. Some of the most successful tech companies focus increasingly on remote work culture as a key element of their “new work” setup.

Searching for talents on our platform is free, so why not just give us a try?

How can I interview talents on

The interview process is organized between your company and the talent directly and can follow your usual internal procedures.

What happens when a talent accepts my offer?

After a talent accepts your offer, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager who will then direct you to our billing department. If you have lost your Customer Success Manager´s email you can contact them at