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Attract outstanding tech professionals who are passionate for your business and who have a good fit with your team and company culture – but who are often not actively looking for a new job. Hire at your location with 2 days home-office per week or find experienced remote professionals.

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Active Sourcing - Redefined

The best tech professionals want to work with a high degree of autonomy and flexibility, focused on products they are passionate for and within teams that match their personality.

We have built such a large and rapidly growing, highly curated pool of tech professionals. Many of them are “passive” candidates, who are not actively applying to job ads.

If you engage with us, we propose you a shortlist of candidates, who have a perfect fit for your open roles and who are interested to discuss with you. You can invite them to an interview and continue with your regular process to finalize the hire – completely free of charge until you sign a contract with a candidate.

No Barriers Anymore to Hire the Best

Ever thought about uplifting the skills of your team by attracting top tech professionals, who ask for a remote-friendly job.

Hire an outstanding local JavaScript engineer who works 2 days from home, a Munich based data scientist who is 5+ days a month in your local office or an iOS engineer from Bratislava who works 90% remotely – no more regional boundaries.

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Verified Skills

We help you to hire top talent by pre assessing their technical & domain experience, communication skills & cultural fit in an interview framework, based on insights from leading tech companies.

All tech professionals on DL Remote are experienced in their technical role and used to communicate and collaborate fluently & efficiently within fast-paced, cross-functional teams. Only the top 3% of all candidates are included in our talent pool.

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"DL Remote makes it very easy to find and hire tech candidates which are a good fit for us.

We get access to top vetted tech talent, while the interview conducted by DL Remote helps us in a great way to pre-assess the candidate's tech and soft skills."

Larissa Lanz

Larissa Lanz

HR Manager
Giant Swarm GmbH

Why Remote!?

The key benefit of offering remote-friendly jobs is significantly improved acquisition and retention of top talent. Remote-friendly jobs reduce overhead costs, talent attrition and increase employee satisfaction and productivity - that’s why some of the most successful tech companies focus increasingly on a remote-friendly work culture.

If you are interested, then our partner network can help you to finetune your remote work setup from an organisational, contractual and work culture perspective.

Pricing is Simple:
You only Pay if You are Happy

  • 15% Commission per Hire
    (of yearly gross salary)
  • 0% Risk – Commission
    free trial period per hire
  • Fast Results & Instant

DL Remote Helps You Build
Great Tech Teams

Hire Software Developers

Find Frontend, Backend or Mobile Developers as well as Devops experts with skills ranging from Javascript, Ruby, PHP and Java to Android, IOS, Scala, Kubernetes and many more.

Hire Product and UX Talent

Find Product Owners, Managers and UX experts to give vision, direction and execution power to your solutions.

Hire Growth Managers

Work with the best Digital Marketing, SEO and Sales experts, who will help you to scale-up your business.

Hire Data Experts

Hire Data Scientists and Data Engineers who help you to get actionable insights from your company´s data.

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