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What people say

Domain Expertise essential to target your ideal talent persona. In our unique matching algorithm, we do combine our broad industry and domain experience with data from leading industry intelligence find the needle in the haystack: the perfect person for your open role.

Programmatic Sourcing

We combine our own network of pre-vetted tech professionals with selected talent networks & recruiting services to design a custom multichannel sourcing campaign that performs best for your specific demand.

Modern Toolsuite

Do you know which candidate search software delivers the best results, which application form converts well for passive talents, or which automation tool you can or should better not use? We do because we constantly test new solutions ... and our flexible low-code tech stack allows us to innovate very fast.

Crisp Candidate UX a conversion booster, especially if you target busy tech professionals at top companies. All our candidate-facing recruiters are senior & stand out to outline the context of the role very engagingly. Furthermore we have build a super smooth engagement process which makes it very easy to engage with us.

Adaptive Pricing

...allows you to choose the best service for your specific demand & organisational setup. Based on our unique recruiting framework we can offer you service or performance based pricing models, which are significantly cheaper than comparable solutions.

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Our belief.

Remote is the future of knowledge work.

We have started as a remote talent marketplace and successfully pivoted to become a remote-focused talent agency. This was the right move to make our first customers happy. Over the last 18 months, we have staffed more than 100 jobs & learned the job to be done as an agile tech recruiting agency for remote-ready companies. As most tech companies are remote-ready now, we believe recruiting is about to change as well...and we are working on a product which will support your hiring demands in a remote-ready world. Stay tuned✌

Our awesome features

Tech roles we focus on

We help you to staff remote positions in all those areas, which require specific technical or domain related skills.

Software Developer & IT Pro´s

Frontend, Backend or Mobile Developers as well as Devops experts or Solution Architects with skills ranging from Javascript, Firebase and Scala to Android, IOS, Kubernetes and many more.

Product & UX Experts

Product Owners, Managers and UX experts who help you to buld outstanding digital solutions. Find B2B experts for enterprise SaaS solutions, experienced e-commerce specialists or mobile consumer app wizards.

Tech Growth, Marketing, Sales

Digital Marketing, SEO and Sales experts, who understand your customer personas, help you to further digitalize your go to market, generate demand & scale-up your business.

Data Scientists & Analysts

Data Scientists, Analysts and Data Engineers who understand your industry data models & help you to get actionable insights from your company´s and external data.