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Precise Targeting

We combine our talentpool & all relevant talent channels to find and address the best candidates for your specific hiring demand.

Agile Recruiting Framework

Our flexible suite of AI-powered recruiting and marketing automation services allows us to target, reach out and convince precisely, with minimum “noise” and very efficiently.

Vetted, Scaleable Recruiter Network

We work with the right mix of experienced researchers, recruiters and senior interviewers to reach all relevant candidates for your open role ... as fast as you can interview.

Our awesome features

Domain expertise

... is essential to target your ideal talent persona. Our researchers thrive on combining the best data sources to zoom in on the industry, domain and role-specific experiences and skills which help us to find the needle in the haystack: the perfect person for your open role.

Crisp candidate UX

... is a conversion booster, especially if you target busy tech professionals at top companies. That´s why we have dedicated employer branding experts to finetune all talent-facing materials and provide reusable, chatbot-like text building blocks to our recruiter teams. In addition, our senior interviewers stand out to outline the context of each role smoothly & engagingly.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Flexible pricing

... helps to fit your individual needs. Based on our unique recruiting framework, we can offer you a cost-efficient extension for your internal recruiting team, which is significantly cheaper than comparable solutions.

What others say

Larissa Lanz
HR Manager @ GiantSwarm

DL Remote makes it very easy to find and hire tech candidates with a good fit - at a fraction of the cost of similar services.

Raphael Weiner
VP Product Instana

DL Remote always puts forward strong technical candidates who understand our domain and are motivated to work with us.

Thorsten Lüttger
Co-Founder Pakama

After only 2 weeks of working with DL Remote, we had significantly better candidates than with all our job ads combined.

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